Whats to Come??

Well hey there... How are ya?

Working in hospitality during the busy times and leading up to the lockdown with everything that was going on hasn't lead to much creative time and it's been a hot minute since I was last here but honey... I'm back.

The UK is about to enter its third week of lockdown and sis it's been no easy ride. As someone who is such a social person and loves to be around people it's been hard to be alone in my flat for this long. I am missing the social aspect of the outside world and lord let me tell you that I am missing the routine of working, but it is a small price to pay. That being said I have managed to keep myself sane so far.

Working out from home has never been something I have been overly keen on but during this time I have found it one of the most effective ways to stop myself from getting into a rut and starting the day off right. And you better believe that I have been spending SO much time in the kitchen cooking.

Now I am looking to channel my creativity and after two weeks of pigging out it's the perfect excuse to get me out the kitchen so I don't come out of this massive.

I have a load of new content coming over the next few weeks and girl, I'm excited to get back into it. There will be a few throwbacks of trips etc I did towards the end of last year mixed in with whats happening in the present just because ya boy was away for a while.

So I'll be seeing you soon honeys... stay safe and wash ya damn hands - KD