What I Wont Take For Granted After Lockdown

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Happy Friday you gorgeous people,

Quick question... when exactly did the Coronavirus change the world for you? For me it was when Italy began to lockdown. From then the world has changed so much in a few months. If you had told me what was to come, that we would only be allowed out the house to buy food or exercise once a day, and that all I had planned, like a 2 week vacation to California - wouldn't be possible in a few months... sis I wouldn't have believed it.

The United Kingdom is slowly coming out of lockdown and over the last 2 weeks bars, restaurants and retail shops have began to open their doors to customers.

With this all happening I have been thinking about all the things we take for granted

Over the past few weeks I have started practicing gratitude. Every morning when I wake up I write down 5 things I am grateful for. Looking back we often forget to be grateful for the very things that we fill our days with.

Honey... the freedom to nip to the supermarket when we have ran out of milk, the freedom to meet friends in our favourite bar, the freedom to jump in the car and drive across the country to see family, we never think about it... until its taken away.

Living in Edinburgh you always heard people talking about how beautiful the city is, but it has taken me to be locked in my apartment for me to really appreciate its beauty. I mean girl, we have a castle built beside a volcano.

I miss taking my shoes off and emptying my pockets on the security line before boarding a plane. Hell, a plane! How did we ever squeeze ourselves in a row of seats with strangers.

Now thinking back, I have realised that I didn't take advantage of the things allowed to me. A Museum for example. Whenever I have travelled I always go to a museum whether it be the Lourve in Paris or the Met in New York. But have I never stepped foot inside a gallery or museum in Edinburgh. Not once... girl... what am I doing with my days?

In a way it is terrible that it takes all of life as we know it to change, to stop us in our tracks, for us to realise the ability to go for a walk - even if against the wind - is something to be thankful for. It has taken for lockdown for us to realise that the peace and calm is something to be sought and not avoided. I cannot wait to be back sharing stories with my friends over a bottle of wine and to cherish those kinds of moments.

We live in an incredibly fast paced world honey and we schedule every hour of our days. Everything needs to be a fast as possible and we need things to look forward to, counting down the days so that we feel closer to that summer holiday or pay day.

As the saying goes, you don't know what you've got until its gone. What are the things you won't be taking for granted after lockdown? Let me know in the comments - KD