The Perfect V-Day Plans

Honestly... I love Valentines Day.

I have absolutely no idea why, call me soppy but a night when everyone in the world celebrates love just seems kind of magical. Obviously February 14th 2021 is going be a lot different than any previous years.

In February 2020 we hadn't quite grasped the scale of the pandemic and would never have thought that we would be in the middle of another national lockdown and unable to participate in the usual V-Day festivities. With all the restaurants and bars closed this year a new plan is needed to celebrate, and I'm suggesting keep it simple.

Begin with a few blankets and some perfectly arranged cushions, followed by scattering some candles and a selection of cured meats and cheese laid out charcuterie style in front of the television. Next pop open a bottle of wine or bubbles and press play on your partners favourite movie. Alternatively you can play a video of a Crackling Birchwood Fireplace (available on YouTube) and play some soft music for a really intimate evening.

There are some additions you can make here and there. A lovely bouquet of roses or some fresh baked treats that you have been perfecting over lockdown.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you keep it to things you know both you and your partner loves so that you can both switch off and enjoy spending an evening together.

p.s I may be single but you can bet that I will be doing exactly this and celebrating my single life... very Samantha in Sex and the City.

What are your plans for Valentines day? I'd love to hear them - KD