The Four Morning Rituals I Cannot Live Without

Ok confession time, I myself am no morning person, I never have been. When I was in High School I hated getting up early in the morning to catch the bus and when I went to University

the ability to be out dancing in clubs took priority over getting an early night. Working in nightclubs at the time didn't exactly help with the 3am finishes which meant I probably fell asleep around 5am.

A few years on and I have found the joy of an early night followed by rising at 6am the following morning. I don't have a "routine" in the morning (I'd probably never stick to it) but I do have four "rituals" (if you will) that I couldn't get through the mornings without.


The morning for many of us can be a real struggle, our bodies have completely relaxed and gone into a state of repair, upon waking up we feel fatigued and stiff. One way I have found the combat these feelings and step out the shower feeling energised was by warming up to the idea of a "cold out" (see what I did there). A cold out is where for the last 30 seconds or so of your hot, steamy shower you dial down the temperature to the coldest the water can get and get every inch of yourself in there. It isn't as bad as it sounds and the benefits greatly outweigh the slight discomfort. You might think it would make you cranky but I guarantee it will boost your mood.


Hydration is absolute key and you don't need me to tell you that. Hydrating you body and skin from within should be one of the most important factors when starting your day, and continuously drinking water throughout the day will lead to much healthier looking skin. Due to having psoriasis my skin, especially on my face, is prone to being dry and water just isn't enough, therefore I start the day off with a good moisturiser and reapply throughout the day as needed. My absolute must fav is the La Mer Moisturising Cream, however at over £100 a pop it has become a treat rather than for everyday use. For day to day I turn to the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. Both of these products keep my skin fuller and supple leaving me with a nice even tone and a less haggard appearance.


Everyone always talks about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't disagree with this statement however 9 mornings out of 10 I don't eat breakfast, not for any particular reason but I just find myself holding off until lunch before having a meal. That being said I am not starving myself and rather than eat breakfast will enjoy a morning smoothie, usually after my run/workout and before my shower. As someone who isn't massive on eating in the morning a quick smoothie is not only nutritious but provides me with a variety of vitamins and helps fuel me for the day ahead.


Now honey, if I didn't plan my day I would get nothing done. I find it much easier to write a list of tasks/work I need to do that day and having something to check off, otherwise I would start a task and before it is finished I would have moved onto something else and I would never finish anything. Jotting down my todo list for the day in a little notebook and having set days for certain tasks has greatly benefitted me therefore meaning I don't cause myself to stress by trying to do too many things at once.

I hope you found these simple tips helpful, let me know if you give any of them a try - KD


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