Living in My Own Skin

Babes, hot off the back of my recent comeback post, I'm here to talk about a condition that has affected me personally and that maybe many of you out there may relate to.

As many of you already know... I love fashion. I love summer. I love socialising. But these things have been massively overshadowed by an irritating condition... Psoriasis.

I have always had fairly good skin and had thankfully never suffered a big outbreak before, but in September 2019, practically overnight, I developed psoriasis.

Honey let me tell you that when it hadn't disappeared after a few days your boy was freaking. I mean - FREAKING. I immediately got a doctors appointment and was prescribed multiple creams, ointments etc. but my god, nothing would work.

Thankfully, a week trip to Marrakech worked wonders and after some time in the sun it slowly disappeared.

However, come January 2020... it was back.

This second outbreak was more severe and girl she ain't budging.

Now, I have looked at SO many things from natural remedies and creams, I've scoured the web - but not one thing will work.

At first, psoriasis had originally a negative impact on my life. I avoided wearing the clothes that I wanted to, and I was dreading summer and the prospect of having to expose more skin.

BUT the worst was social situations, which were now overshadowed by the conspicuous presence of my dry, flakey, red skin. I found that my psoriasis was now speaking louder than I was and becoming the centre of attention. People became less concerned with what I was saying and more intrigued about my skin. Fortunately, most people were commenting out of love for me, however girl let me tell you, that there were some who would say things and end up being rude.

This has come from the fact that there is a lot about psoriasis that isn't known yet and it has taken time for me to be at peace with people commenting on my skin.

Psoriasis isn't only dry skin and a cosmetic issue. It is a chronic disease that for me varies in severity at different times caused by triggers like stress. Having spent hours reading about psoriasis and peoples experiences with it I have finally began to accept and be comfortable in my own skin.

This is just the beginning of my journey with psoriasis, and I am sure that there will be more situations I will have to overcome in the future, but for now I can say that I am very at peace living in my own skin - KD