Living a Balanced Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

24 hours...

Everyone in the world is gifted the same amount of time each day. What we do with this time has an incredible impact on how we feel.

Working as a bartender can lead to a very unbalanced lifestyle. The long shifts and unsociable hours lean into sleeping late, not eating properly etc which in turn can leave you feeling like you've just been trampled on by a heard of elephants.

We hear a lot about how to live a balanced lifestyle, whether it be magazines giving us workout tips and foods we should eat or social media telling us how we should be leading our lives.

Now as someone who doesn't go to the gym and finds very little motivation to enter the doors of one I find that adapting to yourself in the moment and your desires will benefit you a lot and lead you to a balanced lifestyle. There is no shame in changing. We as humans change all the time as we age and we can't escape that. We also can't deny that we are all different. What works for one person won't work for another.

I find that making the most of my time outside of work makes me feel all the more healthier. Now there are times I slip and this usually comes after hard night at work, however by making sure I don't sleep my day away, staying away from unhealthy and fattening foods and getting out of the flat into the fresh air will do me the world of good.

Now this doesn't seem like much and it will change depending on my shift patterns but balance is an ongoing formula and it will always need adjusting to how you feel and thats what I see for my future.

Who knows, one day I might find the fitness bug and become a regular gym goer but until then I will continue take care of myself and not fall into bad habits.

Finding your own balance and that will lead you to your happiness - KD