"Live Victoriously" with Grey Goose

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Tucked away in the heart of the Cognac region of France, about 2 hours from Bordeaux, lies a 17th-century country manor which Grey Goose calls home, Le Logis.

A region renowned for producing the world's finest wines and spirits it is also where the maître de chai (Cellar Master), François Thibault was born and raised.

The estate was restored and renovated carefully to preserve its historic significance. Decorated with the colours of Grey Goose the manor is contemporary and chic with a classic french charm.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Le Logis last week and live a truly unique experience with one of the finest teams in the world and honey it did not disappoint.

After arriving at the manor we were treated to a welcome of an Oyster and Martini pairing with the the official Oysters to the French President followed by an informal dinner paired with wines from surrounding vineyards.

We then retired to the lounge where we had an extensive range of spirits to play about with and girl of course we went a bit hard.

The next morning, feeling slightly rough, we met back in the lounge and were greeted by François, who in 1996 transitioned his stills from making cognac to vodka. A 2 hour induction to the brand, learning all about the history and the wheat from northern France used in the production of Grey Goose, followed by a tasting of the Grey Goose range, my favourite being Grey Goose Le Poire, left us with an amazing appreciation of a vodka renowned world wide. Following a quick break we were led into the kitchen where we were taught how to make the classic french baguette using the same wheat that is used to make Grey Goose.

Later that evening after some downtime spent by the pool with cocktails, which quickly sorted out the hangovers, we met in the bar. Split into groups of 3 we participated in a small cocktail competition with the theme of... Disco drinks. Honey the sea of blue and blended drinks was not what you would expect in such a elegant bar. Unfortunately our take on a Sex on the Beach wasn't quite enough to snatch the win but the aperitifs and caviar on the patio in the sunset before dinner made up for it.

In the formal dining room after we found the bread we made earlier waiting for us on the table. An extravagant 3 course meal (king prawn carpaccio, 24 hour cooked lamb and a mandarin and chocolate sponge cake) paired with cocktails made from the head bartender we felt like we never wanted to leave. A quick espresso martini and we headed back to lounge for a nightcap of plenty vodka and cognac we then retired to bed.

Quality, elegance and outstanding taste make Grey Goose very special and its home Le Logis is a remarkable place that has one big problem, nobody ever wants to leave

Bisous - KD