Life & Style Diaries | 8th January

Phew, 2020 has been some year, right? And 2021 is not slowing down in being a lil crazy. A protest in Hong Kong, Pro-Trump rioters siege the U.S Capitol Building and the UK has gone back into lockdown - all this and its only the 8th of January.

Being back in lockdown again for the third (or is it the fourth?) time I have, like the ones previously, had the time to appreciate the unique and fortunate situation I currently find myself in which is in stark contrast to many, whom continue to be in my thoughts endlessly.

Thankfully I have been able to keep myself even more busy than the previous lockdowns with the launch of my YouTube channel. Vlogging had been something I was planning on doing for a while and towards the end of 2020 it seemed a better time than any to begin. Although I didn't think that my first videos would be primarily filmed from within my apartment during a national lockdown.

On videos I have found that I am usually able to work about a week and a half in advance however with my blog and instagram I’m fortunate to have the ability to be impulsive and play things by ear a little. I recently sat and organised a content calendar filling up the next month and a bit with ideas for photoshoots and blog posts, however what I love about both these platforms is the ability to be spontaneous.

As many of you probably are, I regularly sit, think and discuss with friends the goings on in the world which I feel is both very important and healthy however it doesn't always extend to my online platforms apart from the odd Instagram story share.

I do aim to share more on topics that are important to myself (such as BLM, LGBTQ+ issues etc) alongside my usual content on all of my platforms. However as always my main aim is that by continuing to do what I do and sharing pieces of my life on the internet, I will be able to provide some light hearted relief from the dark clouds that so often hang over the world so heavily. If they don’t, I can only apologise that I’m not able to keep everyone happy as much as I wish I could.

With that being said I would like to welcome you to the first "Life & Style Diaries," a new series I am bringing to the blog which will be filled with lil updates of the goings on in my life and some of my thoughts, almost like a Journal entry, along with the links to the exact pieces or similar in the photos accompanying the post.

As always, stay safe, we shall get through this together - KD



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