Life & Style Diaries | 19th March

Happy Friday lovers, and what glorious Friday it is.

We have had three ah-mazing days of sunshine here in the U.K and it's been a welcome surprise, especially as spring begins tomorrow.

It has been another month of ups and downs and before we get into it, here's some of the good news that has happened since we last talked. The Empire State Building is now completely powered on wind energy, two women who became best friends found out they are biological sisters and a cat who was rescued by an optician now helps kids get comfortable wearing glasses.

A few weeks ago, like most people, I tuned into watch Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sit down with Oprah for an exclusive interview and like most people was shocked to learn exactly how they were and still are being treated, especially by the U.K media.

Seeing how the press has treated Meghan is for one word, disgusting. What also makes it worse is the amount of people in the U.K who take everything the media outlets say as gospel. Something that stood out for me was how differently the media spoke about Meghan than they did Kate.

I honestly am not surprised that Meghan and Harry decided to leave the U.K, if I had been treated that was I probably would leave and not come back to. They way they have been treated has made me embarrassed to be from the U.K.

That same week another story came out which was truly heart breaking and the aftermath and handling of it is another reason that I am embarrassed to be from the U.K. The heartbreaking tragedy of the murder of Sarah Everard touched a nerve with people around the world especially women, as they at some point have felt the way Sarah did that evening.

The conversation around how un-safe women and non-binary people feel along with the extreme measures the have to take to make it home safely became an international focus as many people came forward with their own stories of harassment at the hands of men.

Everyone deserves to live safely - even if they don't do everything right. The fact that a police officer was arrested for Everard’s murder adds an extra layer of poignancy to her case. The very people who are supposed to protect us may be a threat themselves. Police violence against women is not an anomaly. The second-most-reported complaint against police officers in the United States is for sexual misconduct.

Soon after, many who wanted to pay respect to Sarah gathered at Clapham Common for a vigil which was quickly broken up by the police. The images of the police manhandling women that evening are in stark contrast to when police stood by as large crowds gathered to celebrate a football win only a week prior. The images from the vigil are harrowing and some I will never forget.

Since Sarah's death and women coming forward to tell their stories I have seen a lot of people talking about "men's mental health" and the impact that the "men are dangerous" narrative could have on men. As someone who does very genuinely care about the mental health of all people - including men- I'd like to point out that: if the only time you decide to talk about men's mental health is when women are discussing their experiences with harassment then I am going to question your actual commitment to men's mental health.

Now I do believe that men's mental health is a topic that is not discussed as much as it should be, however I do believe that the conversations around the topic should centre around things like emotional vulnerability, communication, and deconstructing the parts of masculinity which really are harmful to men's well being. "Men's mental health" cannot be a shield we use to prevent women and non-binary people from talking about their experiences with harassment and abuse by men.

Both of these stories have sparked well needed conversations and what's so heartwarming to see is people coming together to solve the issues we face in society.

Phew, I may have went on a bit of a rant there. If you need me tonight I'm gonna be opening a bottle of wine and watching some Disney+ on the sofa - stay safe xoxo KD



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