Life & Style Diaries | 19th February

Happy Friday y'all, its been a minute.

Welcome to the second part of my new series of blog posts called the Life & Style Diaries, where we take a moment to catch up on what's been happening and how we are doing.

Since we last spoke a lot has happened. A military coup happened in Myanmar, Farmers in India are protesting the government's new farm laws, Facebook has blocked the news in Australia and a storm in America has left millions without heat, water and power.

It can be hard right now not to feel down with everything going on and before you know it you end up "doom scrolling," focusing on all the nasty stories in the world.

With all the bad things that have been happening there has also been good. For the first time since 1999, zero rhinos were killed or lost their horns in Kenya in 2020, gay and bisexual British veterans who were stripped of their medals because of their sexuality can now reclaim them, and the Covid vaccination programs have begun, signalling better times to come.

Over the past few weeks I haven't been feeling the best. The cold and dark days, coupled with an extended lockdown and the constant cycle of bad news has left me feeling deflated. There was days when I just felt like getting my comfy blanket and lying on the sofa for the day binging movies with a slice of cake, whilst others I was fully motivated to get up and seize the day.

If you are feeling weird right now, I need you to know that it's so ok. This is a lonely time for so many of us and we need to leave room for our emotions to breathe and we do need to have days to sulk around for a while. Whatever needs to happen. But we also need to give ourselves the chance to smile and be grateful for everything around us.

I have recently gotten back into practicing gratitude which was something I did during the first lockdown. Every morning I take a little time before starting my day to note down five things that I am grateful for no matter how small, from the nice weather beginning to return to the cup of hot chocolate I had the other day that just hit right.

It is so important that although there is so many negative things happening in the world, that we remember the good, and to take a moment to stop and celebrate. I have also found it important to diversify the content I am consuming by following creators that are spreading positivity.

I hope y'all are doing well. Take care and stay safe - KD

Below along with the links to my outfit I have linked a few sites that you can donate too, which will help provide relief to those affected by the storms in America.


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Photos by the incredibly talented Ryan Snedden