Life in Lockdown

Well hello there,

We're on week *whatever* of lockdown - who even knows anymore - and sis, she's a rollercoaster. As much as I have tried my hardest, the days are slowly morphing into one.

Trying to mix it up when you are confined to the four walls of your apartment isn't easy, and with no knowing how long this will go on for there is a few things I have found to be effective in not falling into a "lockdown rut."

.1 Make Your Bed

I'm not kidding when I say in this... but making your bed is SO important honey. I know most of y'all are having flashbacks to your mum shouting at you to make your bed rn, but its such a great way to start your day off right. There are loads of studies which show the importance of making your bed and how it can boost productivity for the day, and lets be serious, your bed is always more comfortable to get in a night when its made.

.2 Hydrate that Body

Since the beginning of lockdown I have noticed a huge increase in the amount of water I have been drinking. But there are days when that isn't the case and the whole day will go by without a single sip of water passing my lips, and I begin to feel the effects of dehydration. Now sis, we all know the importance of drinking enough water, especially now when we are stuck inside, so go grab yourself a tall glass of water and hydrate that body doll.

.3 Move Your Body

Let me tell y'all, I MISS THE GYM. There was nothing I looked forward to on a Monday more than finishing work and getting a sweat on at Synergy with the gals or feeling the burn underground at CaveFit. Thankfully the internet is bursting with workouts that you can do at home. From HospoLive sessions with Ross from Synergy, online Barry's Bootcamp classes or following the workouts Damon Bell has been gracing us with on his Insta I found plenty of content to make sure I'm keeping my mind and body fit. Oh and sis lets not forget TRIBE Yoga's vimeo yoga sessions to keep that stress and anxiety low.

.4 Get Out

Now I know we are all socially distancing but girl that doesn't mean we have to stay locked in our apartments. Getting out, whether it is for a run or just a walk round the block, does loads for improving your mood. That fresh air and moving your legs will make your day SO much better, and if you are lucky enough like those of us in Edinburgh to be experiencing lovely weather that's an added bonus.

.5 Nourish that Body

One thing I have really vibe'd with this lockdown is my kitchen honey. She's been getting ALOT of use and I'm using appliances I had not touched once since taking out the box. I have never ate so well in my own flat than I am right now. If it hasn't been one of my main meals, spending time baking has helped as another way to improve my mood (obviously a banana bread was made) whilst also turning into an exercise in self restraint to not eat the full thing on the kitchen floor. At times like these stopping to enjoy a good home cooked meal makes everything better.

.6 Self-Care Honey

Gurl, lockdown is playing havoc with my skin. Being cooped up in the apartment has dried my skin out beyond and the uncertainty of what's happening isn't doing wonders for the ole stress levels and with that my psoriasis flares sis (See my previous post to see how I'm coping with psoriasis).

Thats why I have found it super important to slow down once everyday to spend some time loving you. Whether that be taking the time to do that full skincare routine you got honey, relaxing in the bath or settling down for bit of meditation its never been a better time to practice some self-care.

.7 Don't Force Yourself

This one is MAJOR sis. There has never been more of a conversation about productivity and what you should be doing in lockdown; like learning a new language, 10 new skills, getting a six pack, honestly the list goes on.

But if you take one thing from this post let it be this : This Time Is For You.

If you want to workout everyday, go for it. If you want to come out of this fluent in 5 languages, go for it. If you want to sit on the couch all day and binge Netflix with a bag of chips, guess what, GO FOR IT.

Social Media be over here telling you all things you should be doing but there is no reason to be pressuring yourself into being more productive than you would normally.

This time is for you sis, so do what makes you happy.

And thats how I am surviving lockdown. Yes I have my off days like everyone else and girl we are entitled to it. We aren't used to this situation and it is a shock to the system. So whatever you do in this lockdown make sure you stay safe - KD