It's Time to Spring Clean Yourself

It's officially Spring... apparently.

OK, so the weather isn't exactly playing ball, what with it meant to snow in Edinburgh next week, but as far as my wardrobe and mindset go, I am not letting the weather get me down.

There is something about this time of year that gets me jumping out of bed in the morning with ease and a fresh lease of life, no longer frantically clambering for my dress gown as the morning air has slightly warmed a little. Waking up with the sun pouring through my bedroom shutters, I feel instantly awake.

Emerging from the depth of Winter into the light of Spring, there is always somethings we like to take care of. We spring clean our homes, our cars and our lives, but at this point I also like to spring clean myself.


In all honestly, you cannot spring clean yourself without first giving your environment a good clean down. So before you think about dealing with yourself, bag up all those clothes you don't want anymore to either sell or give to charity, break out the cleaning products and blitz the place. There is honestly not better feeling than cleansing your space and waking up the following day, throwing the windows open and enjoying a lovely Spring morning in your fresh apartment/home.

Get your marigolds out ladies and gentlemen.

Spring Beauty

I can confidently say that Spring is my favourite season for beauty. Spending some time going through all my beauty products and clearing out all the heavy, thick ones from the past season and treat myself to some new bits. My Springtime favourites for my face are the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying cleansing gel and the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Daily Moisturizer (with also has SPF 15 as an added bonus). Following up is my fake tan. I like to switch out the heavy mousse formulas for something a bit lighter like the St Tropez Purity Gel or the new St Tropez X Ashley Graham collaboration which is a much lighter whipped mousse. All of these products have hydrating, gentle and lightweight formulas which are perfect for the Spring and upcoming Summer months.


Your toots have been under wraps for a fair few months and your hands will need some TLC after that epic spring clean you've just done. With things beginning to open up and an update on salons expected its time to start thinking about a mani/pedi when your favourite begins bookings again.

A Spring Clean of the Mind

It is exactly what it says on the tin. It is time to spring clean your mind. I always find a good refresh of my positive thought process and habits is an absolute winner for productivity and my mental well being. Beauty products and lotions are one thing but they will only go so far. This year I have decided to really ramp up how often I do yoga and want to incorporate some meditation, hopefully first thing in the morning alongside practicing some gratitude to really set me up for positive day. I want to ensure everyday starts in the best way possible.


Products Mentioned

La Roche-Posay Cleanser

Elizabeth Arden Moisturiser

St Tropez Purity Gel

St Tropez X Ashley Graham Collab