Holiday Gift Guide | Small Business

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It is never too early to think about Christmas gifts, or even treating yourself, so here is the first of my annual gift guides - all things small business.

Alone Not Lonely

Starting off we have Alone Not Lonely, which was started this year by the very talented Kelsie Hamilton. Alone Not Lonely sells prints and t-shirts, taking design inspiration from cats, nipples and ending mental health stigmas. The designs are absolutely incredible and they would make a great gift, not only this holiday season but anytime of the year. P.s if you live outside the UK, Alone Not Lonely offers a 15% discount for a high res pdf so you can print it at home.

What: Prints / T-shirts

Delivery Area: UK Wide - See above if in Foreign country

Price: Print: £10 | T-Shirt: £20

Gradina Mask Co

The Gradina Mask Co. specialises in bespoke face masks by the brilliant Emily Garden. Earlier in the year Emily began making masks for her friends and family and is now bringing her masks nationwide. Coming in a wide range of fabrics (which are super cute) to suit everyone, there is also the option for matching mask and scrunchie sets. These would be an excellent stocking filler and again are perfect for a gift anytime.

What: Masks / Scrunchies

Delivery Area: UK Wide

Price: Mask: £8 | Sets: £10

South Loch Gin

Next up we have South Loch Gin. A gin distilled by Lindsay Blair in Edinburgh is inspired by the cities Old Town area launched in 2019. South Loch Gin offers three amazing gins - Citrus and Lime Flower, a Black Raspberry Old Tom and the newest addition, Spiced Cranberry and Clementine. The Black Raspberry Old Tom is my favourite of the range, which was recently awarded a bronze medal for Old Tom Gin of the Year at the Scottish Gin Awards 2020. South Loch Gin would make a great gift for all your gin loving friends.

What: Gin

Delivery Area: UK Wide

Price: Black Raspberry Old Tom/ Citrus and Lime Flower: £36.95 | Spiced Cranberry and Clementine: £29.95

Vicki Hall Designs

Vicki Hall Designs focuses on women's loungewear. Launching earlier this year, all the pieces are handmade by Vicki herself. Coming in a range of styles from lounge sets, masks and scrunchies in a variety of fabrics, with pastels all the way to cow print, Vicki Hall Designs are super cute, and would make a fantastic gift.

What: Loungewear

Delivery Area: UK Wide

Price: Prices Vary

Glo by Lydia Elise Millen

Ok y'all, I'll admit that this one isn't so much a small business, rather a personal favourite of mine. Founded earlier in the year by the brilliant Lydia Millen, the Glo Kit is an absolute must for anyone who self tans. The kit contains an exfoliating glove, a double sided back exfoliator, and double handled back applicator and a waterproof applicator mitt, all coming in a chic, travel friendly, vegan leather bag. I am obsessed with this kit and it makes for a flawless, even tan. The Glo Kit is the perfect gift for all those self-tan lovers.

What: Self-tan Kit

Delivery Area: World Wide

Price: £50



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The images belong to Alone Not Lonely, The Gradina Mask Co, South Loch Gin, Vicki Hall Designs and Glo by Lydia Elise Millen respectively.