Helpful Skin Tips to Combat Bad Habits

Hi babes,

I have a confession... only recently have I began to pay attention to skin care. Before I got psoriasis I had always had fairly good skin. I wasn't prone to breakouts and only suffered the occasional spot. This all changed early last year honey, and skincare became the top of my check list. With yesterday being National Sunscreen Day I thought there was no better time than to talk skincare, and more specifically some helpful tips, to get your skin glowing girl.

Not every product is made to fit all skin types, and finding out your skin type will be hugely beneficial to you. You can determine your skin type at home by pressing a clean blotting sheet on various spots of your face. Then, hold the sheet up to a light to see how much oil was absorbed. Your skin type will generally be dependent on how much oil is visible, meaning the more oil on the paper, the more likely you have oily skin. If there is little to no oil visible, you most likely have dry skin. If the blotting sheet reveals minimal oil from your forehead and nose, your skin is probably normal or combination.

Once you have figured out what skin type you are, look for products that are suited towards your skin and structure a regime that works for your skin.

Currently I am overhauling my skincare products but what hasn't changed is the two most important times in the day to do my skincare regime - in the morning and in the evening. In between these times I would rarely do anything to my face, unless I had been in the sun for a little bit to long. By the time I was doing my nightly skincare my skin... she was parched. Reapplying throughout the day (whether it is moisturiser or SPF etc) is key to keep your skin looking snatched all day.

There are two places on your upper body that are telling on you honey - your eyes, and your neck.

Your eyes are the first signs of ageing, especially for men. Sleep deprivation means that the skin under your eyes won't have enough time to rejuvenate, allowing for the blood vessels and dark tissues to show through your skin, causing dark circles. Better get that 8 hours sis.

By making sure you are eating more antioxidants (dark chocolate, raspberries, spinach etc) and using a good night cream will help combat dark circles.

I used to never worry about putting products on my neck, but let me tell ya, everything you do on your face you should be doing on your neck. No one wants a neck like leather.

Picking white heads used to be one of my absolute worst habits. I can't stand the idea that there is a white head just sitting on my face, so I would end up picking at it - which is a big no. However you don't just want it to sit there on your face.

To combat spots find a good spot treatment that contains around 2% salicylic acid. I find that this is one of the most important ingredients against fighting spots and usually within a day or two the spot will have cleared up.

Remember when I said no one wants a neck like leather? Well, for the love of god, wear SPF. Yeah, yeah I'm being your dad right now, but seriously! You know those people you see abroad with skin like old belts? Thats the fear right there and forgoing your SPF is a sure fire way for that to happen honey. Invest in a good SPF, your skin will thank you later.

Lastly, if you have a beard it doesn't mean that you get to ignore the skin covered by it. You don't want no dead skin cells building up in there. Be sure to give your beard a good scrub to get rid of the dead skin. Don't forget about the skin underneath - be sure to show it some love by trimming down your beard occasionally to exfoliate and moisturise.

How are you showing your skin some love during this time? Let me know in the comments

xoxo Kieran