Falling for the Four Seasons

The Four Seassons George V has as far as I can remember been the epitome of class. A hotel which embodies luxury it is a must for anyone who appreciates great food and an interior to make the Kardashian's jealous. The hotel is constantly showered with praise from bloggers and magazine's being hailed the best hotel in the world.

Walking through the front door it was hard to not notice the stamp Jeff Letham has made with two massive polar bears crafted from white baubles looming over the reception. Walking around the ground floor more of Letham's designs appeared like a white christmas tree with a gold interior and a gold stag lay behind a sofa. The courtyard is not to be missed with a sparkling installation with a water floor which will fulfil your dreams of walking on water amongst the stars.

Now not to overlook the food which definitely lived up to the hype. The Four Seasons has 3 restaurants, Le George (1 Michelin star), L'Orangerie (1 Michelin star) and Le Cinq (3 Michelin stars) each offering the own unique dining experience.

On this evening I dined at Le George and honey the food was to DIE for.

The restaurant was flawless and girl when a restaurant has a specials menu of nothing but dishes with truffle you know its gonna be everything and more.

Starting with a shredded crab starter with a red pepper sorbet and verbena foam, oh your boy was living his dream which continued through the main course of a 36 hour cooked goat and finished with a pineapple carpaccio with vanilla and citrus and a basil sorbet.

Paired with wine expertly chosen by in the in house sommelier I was in heaven and not coming down anytime soon.

Now for an evening this good your boy was pulling out all the stops fashion wise and y'all know that means... the fur.

I can't recommend The Four Seasons enough and if you find yourself in Paris and fancy an unforgettable experience get down to George V and you won't be disappointed. - KD