Dear Reader | Book Edit

So, as some of you may know I began a series on my blog last year which I loosely named "Five Books I Loved Recently | Book Edit." This was to cover what I had been reading and those books that stood out the most to me. I have come to realise that I really don't like how I named that post especially as I was planning on making it a series of posts.

Taking this into account I have decided to re-name these posts "Dear Reader | Book Edit" so that I am no longer limiting myself to the amount of books I have read between each post and give more of a consistent feel to each post in the series.

Now, onto the books.

28 Summers: Elin Hilderbrand

I thought this book was absolutely magic and the ending left me with a wobbly lip. A story about a couple who have a one-weekend-per-year affair and the dramatic effects it has on their lives. Although I found myself frustrated at a few of the characters throughout the book it was an easy and engaging read. I finished this book fairly quickly after I started it last year and found it the perfect read for the summer months.

Milk Fed: Melissa Broder

I loved this book and like the rest of the books on this list couldn't put it down. Milk Fed deals with it all... eating disorders, sexuality, religion and relationships. Focusing on a woman whom struggles with an eating disorder and a controlling mother, who befriends an overweight Orthodox Jewish women, there was some magical realism in the story without it being over done. At times it can be very graphic in its descriptions which may turn some people off however I found it to be fresh, witty and emotive.

One thing I will mention is if you have any sensitivity over eating disorders I would approach this book with caution.

Behind Her Eyes: Sarah Pinborough

I bought this book pretty much the moment I finished the Netflix series based on it. A story of a singe mother who embarks on a romantic relationship with her new boss and an unlikely friendship with his wife, I was hooked. A slow burner I already knew how this book would finish after having watched the show first, but that did not stop me having to re-read the final two chapters to make sure I had read it right. Addicting and intriguing, I would say that this novel is a must read.

Detransition, Baby: Torrey Peters

Ok, this book is, like its title, fairly polarising. It is extremely timely, beautifully written and heartfelt. This story about three women - transgender and cisgender - who are forced to confront their deepest desires after an unexpected pregnancy had me hooked from the very beginning. Dealing with very relevant matters of gender, suicide, abuse of trans people and matters of the heart this book isn't always an easy read, but it is a thrillingly original and incredibly moving novel whose characters really got into my heart and I cannot recommend this book enough.

Have you read any of these before? I would love to know what you thought of them. Also if you have any recommendations on what to ready next let me know.

As always - stay safe, stay positive: better days are on their way - xoxo KD