De Paris Avec Amour

Paris has always held a place in my heart. The draw of the city's beauty and magic is to much to resist, which is why I found myself booking a weeks holiday to the city of love in the middle of November.

Having been to Paris before during the height of summer I was excited at the thought of Paris in the fall. The crisp cold days spent wandering followed by the nights spent with a bottle of red wine street side with a cheeseboard was to much to let go by. And thats exactly what my week consisted of.

Staying at the New Hotel Roblin in the Madeline district of Paris I found myself in the perfect central location being just a few minutes walk from the Place de la Concorde. The hotel felt like something out of a old Parisian movie. Small soft lit rooms decorated in deep neutral tones gave the hotel a luxurious feel, complimented with modern bathrooms it was the perfect location to experience traditional Paris in a contemporary fashion.

Having already been to Paris twice before I had already seen the major tourist points like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, so this time I found myself packing my new bag from Zara with the November GQ and Michelle Obama's book setting off to find a small cafe or park bench to relax with a coffee, letting time drift by loosing myself in the teenage years of the former first lady.

Oh and my nights honey, well they were similar however swapping coffee shops for a nice restaurant, coffee for some french red wine and topping it off with fantastic food for which France is partly famed for. Paris is foodie heaven and walking through the city to find phenomenal quaint little spots to eat was an absolute dream and not one didn't live up to the expectations.

The tips of the iceberg for the week were 2 dining experiences that made me feel like heaven was a lot closer to earth. These came in the form of the Ciel de Paris and The Four Seasons George V (so good it had to have its own post).

The Ciel de Paris is a restaurant on the 56th floor of the tallest building in the city combining excellent food with a view of the city that left nearly every visitors jaws on the floor. Dining on a Saturday night I was surrounded by couples, not fazed by the fact I was by myself I indulged on a starter of Foie Gras, a main of venison followed by a cheese plate which rounded the meal perfectly. An incredible 3 courses washed down with 3 dry vodka martinis your boy left living a full James Bond fantasy.

Paris is an absolute heaven for anyone who loves food, fashion, experiencing culture and about anything in between. - KD