Creating the Perfect Work From Home Environment

Happy Thursday Cuties,

With lockdown restrictions being eased then reinforced all over the world, the uncertainty of going back to the office is huge. One thing that hasn't changed is companies allowing their employees continue to work from home, so creating that perfect office space in the comfort of your own home is vital.

Working from home provides its own set of obstacles and honey if you are anything like me, the biggest one is distractions. Girl, between Netflix, Instagram and raiding the kitchen fridge it seems like a never ending battle to stay focused.

Our work environment is all about our senses, and playing on each one will help you in keeping that focus when working from home.

Here are some tips that I have found that help Working From Home:

1. Sight

One of my biggest distractions is my phone. When people say their phone is an extension of their arm... babes that is me. I will spend HOURS scrolling Instagram and end up with nothing done, but I think a lot of us are the exact same (I see you nodding your head). Do Not Disturb is a god send when you have a busy day at the desk ahead and don't want to be distracted by notifications of that latest meme you got tagged in.

Secondly, no one wants to spend their day sat staring at a wall. Not one bit, no we don't. Position your desk so that it looks into the room giving you a lovely visual setting.

2. Sound

Music is fantastic for creating a great work from home mood. I always go for music I like, but not songs I am tempted to sing along to, because before you know it, I'll be doing a full Broadway Musical in my living room. I have found that soft Jazz music works ah-mazing for setting the mood. I recommend Andrea Sozzi's "Soft Jazz" playlist on Spotify.

3. Scent

We LOVE a good scent girl. I have recently found that different scents have different benefits on your mood. You want to wake up and feel energised - go for something citrus based. You want to concentrate - cedar and eucalyptus scents have got your back honey. Utilise candles and diffusers in your work from home space to keep you grounded and focused.

I recommend either The White Company "Summer Signature Candle" or "Lime & Bay Signature Candle."


I can never make it through a day at my desk without snacking and a good coffee.

But honey do we want to be choosing low-nutrient foods that hurt our mental performance and health? No cuties, we do not. We want to be nourishing our bodies with nutrient-rich, brain food snacks that boost our memory and overall health. Aim for foods like blueberries, nuts and kale chips to keep that productivity going all day long.

5. Touch

Do you know what's not cute honey? Being uncomfortable. I will lose ALL focus if I'm uncomfortable. This goes from what I am sitting on to where I am. Make sure that you have a chair that fully supports your back and neck. We don't want them being sore babes. Also decorate your work from home space with things that comfort you, but that won't distract you from being productive. I also recommend separating your rest space from your work space. Try to keep your work environment away from your bed to stop the temptation of a 5 minute nap (lets be real... 2 hours).

Drop some of your habits that help you focus when Working From Home in the comments - KD



I do not own the photography of the "Smooth Jazz" Playlist or White Company Candles.

They belong to Spotify and The White Company