8 Pieces I Used to Transform My Rented Living Room

Hey cuties,

One thing I LOVE is interiors, so much so that I wish I had pursued an Interior Design career

(I think we all have one of those). Now, I can spend hours in furniture stores, browsing websites and scrolling Pinterest looking at interiors, I can't get enough. The day I can design my own house cannot come fast enough, can I get an amen.

Now honey, one thing I HATE is looking for apartments with most rented apartments coming with some very questionable furniture. Luckily my current apartment was part furnished with workable pieces but... a horrendous blue couch, like I can't even begin to describe how much I hate this thing. However, it is a rented apartment so there's not much I can do but work with it.

The whole living room was fairly dull and I was keen to add a pop of colour. I wanted to make it feel not like a rented apartment and more my own. Right now girl I am loving a green, yellow and blue moment, which is the direction I took my living room decor. I swapped the weird leather lampshades for a cute yellow shade and repurposed a bedspread as a cover for the couch which was thankfully big enough to cover the awful floral pattern. Adding in a few decorative pieces turned the living room from drab... to fab (such a cliche but I love it). One piece I was really excited for was the addition of a record player which I am obsessed with, nights spent listening to music with a book and good bottle of red... ugh, behave.

As much as I am happy with how the living room looks, I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the year I have changed some aspects, its the type of person I am, but don't worry girl, if anything changes I'll let ya know - KD

*linked below are some similar pieces I used to decorate the room*


Yellow Lampshade

Green Velvet Bedspread

Yellow Throw

Blue Velvet Cushion

Sony Record Player

Gold Drinks Tray

Ice Bucket

Wine Carafe