3 Days in Prague

Lemme paint y’all a picture... imagine a massive city, steeped in culture, gothic architecture everywhere you look and enough beer to that’s you could have a hot tub filled with it if you fancied.

That’s Prague.

Captial of the Czech Republic, Prague is filled with history and charm which makes it very hard not to fall in love with it.

For me Prague is very much a city that you could spend a few days there and see it all without feeling like you have rushed it, infact in just 3 days we managed to see most that the city has to offer.

Starting our first day visiting the Old Town Square, it’s hard not to wander round Prague without passing through it. If people watching is your thing this honey this is the place for you. Surrounded by beautiful buildings like St.Nicholas Church and what is in my opinion the most over hyped part of Prague - The Astronomical Clock. Although fantastically detailed and artistic the clocks hourly chime that attracts tons of people to watch is somewhat, anticlimatic.

From there we walked over the Charles Bridge, one of the most visited bridges in the world. Taking a walk up to the Letenské sady. Now y’all know I’m not someone who willing will go hiking up hills and this was no different, however the view of the city was definitely worth it. The park across from the Jewish Quater makes for a fantastic afternoon stroll.

That evening we changed and went to experience the food side of Prague and were not disappointed. After a fantastic meal at a local restaurant we ended up in a small club and girl... well we don’t remember how the evening ended.

Feeling a little tender we decided to take it easier and visit the Prague Castle. The castle which lords over the city is the largest castle complex in the world and ofcourse, was up a hill. Now lemme tell you girl, if your hanging take a trip upto the castle and you’ll work the hangover off in no time.

Here you’ll find St.Vitus cathedral, St Wenceslas Chapel and the Basilica of St.George. Each building as stunning as the others.

After rolling back down the hill we took a wander through the Old Jewish Quater, passing the Cemmetary you’ll find that this is a completely untouched historical place from before WW2 where Hitler preserved it to be a museum of an extinct race.

Prague is a place brimming with history, culture, architecture and food/drink. I’m not a beer drinker one bit but honey Prague has converted me until I return home to my wine.

This city will capture your heart with its history and character and has something for every traveller -KD