2019... A New Year

DOLL... How are ya?

This blog was born from some gentle persuasion from friends that I should start blogging. It has been a VERY long time in the making having spent the past 6 months or so brainstorming ideas for content, themes, layout and if I had something that was actually worth writing about, and now the time is here to finally go live.

The past few months of building the website and creating content has already been so much fun and I can't wait to continue building the blog with ya'll.

The purpose of the blog is to represent the everyday man, covering my passions of travel, food, drinks and fashion and a way to express my style and flair.

Currently I have been planning my year ahead with some amazing things happening and some incredible trips in the making, its shaping up to be a good year and I am excited to share it with you aswell as those little lifestyle bits that ya'll know I LIVE for.

I hope you enjoy this little journey and let me know what you think - KD